Winner of DIGITAL ADVERTISING NORTHERN IRELAND's Best Viral Campaign Award. Spreading almost entirely through facebook shares with 10,000 individual shares in it's first week, it amassed more than 80,000 views (1/4 of the population of Belfast).
“The ColoursVideo City Hall video created in partnership with BelfastTimes to tie in with the MTV weekend has created a surge in the BelfastTimes awareness.
On the day of the launch of the video, the BelfastTimes website received a ten fold increase in the number of daily views. Subsequent days have received a steady 100% increase in daily views compared to pre video stats.
There have been more website queries and questions during this 5 day period with extra followers on the twitter account.”
-The Belfast Times
[NB The standard of effects on these is not good. I was coming up with ideas and then having to make them happen visually, without any prior vfx knowledge.]
I was commissioned by UK startup Treat Ticket to create this video for their opening in Glasgow. As a Facebook video it's success was staggering, with tens of thousands of shares and subsequent news coverage.
If you are from Glasgow you have probably seen it.
My first video of this kind, the Scrabo Tower video was watched by an equivalent of 150% of the population of the town it is in.
This video, built around the joke of Belfast's Leaning Tower of Pisa, was turned down by its prospective clients. It has amassed 500,000 views, equivalent to the population of the whole wider urban area surrounding the city.

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