Showreel breakdown
Experiment to use a stabilised, roto-ed shot of a moving bus as the composited element. Created as a draft for an advertising egency working with Translink (NI's transport company) as a concept for viral marketing. It didn't fly.
Conceptualisation, direction, filming and effects. 
2 - 12
All direction, filming, colour correction, sky replacements, paintouts of car numberplates, signs, etc for Urban Villages film.
Keying, compositing, resourcing elements, and simple animation for BBC's James May's Things You Need to Know.
14 - 16
All 3d camera solves, tracking and compositing. The 3d animation and all the roto work was completed by other team members. For BBC's Roy.
 Conceptualisation and animation of a 2d Fine Point Films logo which was designed by the company's typographer.
Conceptualisation and animation of a 2d Coca Cola - Belfast Bikes logo which was designed by advertising agency.
Paintouts of security cameras, safety railings and pigeon wire for BBC's 37 Hours.
(After a day of working on this shot I still had not realised that it was the Emperor.)
Planar tracking to insert elements into the scene, tracking, compositing, paintouts for BBC's Roy.
Keying and compositing of dog on bus.
Planar tracking utilising mocha pro.


Other projects: